The Founder of AG Nutrition has successfully developed a new unique powerful food supplement that can give beneficial to various people in the world.




Faiz Salleh


Faiz Salleh is a dynamic and visionary leader who has had his fair share in financial world through his past involvement in Investment Banking. Known to be a natural speaker and motivator, his passion has always been about seeing human progression.

"What is most exciting for me has always been helping out people envision that they can actually achieve their dreams of a successful future. Seeing the positive changes that come along when their true financial potential materialize is truly gratifying."


Fahmi Azmi


Since the early 2000s, Fahmi has been involved in direct sales in various multinational companies. His peers and teammates would all agree that Fahmi's involvement in every aspect of growth and development has impacted many around him.

"My passion is helping out leaders discover their true purpose and potential in life, and I will do whatever it takes to help them achieve their business goals. From my own experience in the network marketing industry, the more emphasis you place on people and by surrounding yourself with great people, the more successful you become."


Hafiz Salleh


Hafiz is known to be a natural leader and has garnered multiple awards and accolades throughout his 15 years' involvement in Network Marketing. An engineer by profession, Hafiz carries with him a vision to one day change the future of Network Marketing.

"I genuinely enjoy network marketing. Through a fair share of experiencing different companies in the past, I have always believed the business holds a great opportunity and where any common person can reap benefits. It is unfortunate, though, that a few unscrupulous companies have tarnished the reputation of an industry with so many positive and beneficial attributes. AG Nutrition is going to change that perception, one Representative at a time."